Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bolly Blog 2 - 36 hours of travel... Oh MY!!!

Well I'm Here - at the international terminal of LAX - I haven't been at this terminal since my 1996 Irish trip and I have the same butterflies in my stomach and can't believe this is really happening!!!

But it is -and boy oh boy have I prepared - 4 full days of preping/packing (I'l do the list under another entry for those who are curious about what to bring to a third world country for 2 months when you are determined not to get sick!)

Standing in line at the singapore air counter - Yes it's hard to see but I am by FAR the tallest person in the line....Hmmmm....

The lovely Soumya who is the executive producer of the film. helped me through customs and even talked the nice Baggage lady into not charging $100 Bucks for an extra bag (RIP OFF!!!)

More to come from the road... 2 hours down - 34 more to go!!!!!

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mgrpearan said...

i wish to go back to those days

pradeep balu