Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bolly Blog 13 First day of shooting

We got back some stills from Kiran, our on-set photographer. These are from the very first day of shooting and we were thrilled! Kiran is the best on-set photog I have ever seen...You don't know he's there and then he comes back with these!

Shiva, Teja, and Kunal in their first scene!
(Don't they look cute in these uniforms?)

The boys did great...and it was a relief to finally begin shooting!

We then move on to the audition scene - This is where the three boys audition classmates to appear in the movie they are making.

The Crew watches the rehearsal of the audition scene

Uma is very smart and has these kids improv and act silly and we get some excellent footage...Some of these supporting kids are real little character actors, very funny and natural. They are kids being kids, while we let the camera role...

Heart-felt student 1 and 2 ...

Re-enacting a scene from The God Father

You bet I can dance!

The girls watch the auditions...

Deepti explains the next shot to me.
(Yeah I know, I know, the bags under my eyes are even worse here in India!)

Hamid, Ravi and Onka watch the auditions....hmm....

A great group of photos!

Thanks Kiran!


Amy Landers Eagles said...

I have been out of town so I am just now getting caught up on your blog. What a fabulous adventure.
Savour every moment and keep the stories coming...they are hilarious and inspiring.

Cameron said...

Love those shots of the kids! They look adorable. Glad it is going well. The blog is so much fun to read! Keep it up, Shannon!

steven said...

Those kids look great! Why didn't they teach that at the Neighborhood Playhouse?