Friday, October 5, 2007

Bolly Blog 3 - The List

If you are REALLY Bored or planning a trip to a third world country… read on

Here is what I've got in my three GIANT suitcases- (Don't try this if you have any back trouble what so ever!!!)

65 power bars (yup one for each day)
7 pounds of protein powder (Crazy Costco size)
4 jars of peanut Butter
200 packets of Jelly
65 Laughing Cow cheeses
65 crystal light lemonade packs to mix into:
65 servings of Green Vibrance drink mix - awful tasting but tons of veggies
65 ind. Hazelnut creamers
Beef Jerkey
Tootsie Rolls (gotta have my chocolate fix)

tooth paste
tooth brush
sun screen - 50 block
Deet - mosquito repellant 5 bottles
Peto-Abismal (Please God - I hope I don't need it!)
Imodium (ditto on this....!)
Liquid Tylenol
Baby aspirin
Omega 3 caps
Calcium tabs
Malaria Pills
30 days of Cipro (In case I do need that Imodium!)
sleeping pills
first aid kit
Disposable face towels
Panty shields
8 Rolls of Toliet Paper (one for each week?..hmm...)

Collapsible water bottle
Surge protector
Travel hairdryer
Bike chain (to lock bags together when not at apartment)
Dusk mask (pollution horrible so they say)
2 bags of hard candy - to give away to kids in street
2 bags of ballpoint pens (I guess they love those too…hard to come by for poor)
100 moist towelettes
Tons of hand sanitizer
Speakers for ipod
DVD player
Digital Camera

And basic clothing -
Nothing fancy and not too much
As Clothing is dirt cheap over there…
(Sari's - Sarongs - Turbins perhaps? - I'm Ready!!!!)


Cameron said...

Are you there? Are you okay? Are you out of Tootsie Rolls yet?

Post, please!

Cammie Sue

Anonymous said...


This is awesome. I check daily to see if there are updates. I'm so proud of you! Quite the adventurer!